3 Reasons to align team generated content with an LMS

By the Feathercap team
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Do your people have the answers they need?

Save time doing our jobs, shortening our on boarding all while getting thoughtful TED talk like inspiration from our company’s management. Those are a few of the benefits if we could align our team’s own targeted and relevant content with our LMS. Of course workplace learning today is a disconnected combination of LMS (Learning Management System) driven on-demand courses, in person meetings and the team generated content we try to locate in our company’s various content silos such as the Power points, pdfs, videos, emails or other specific and relevant documents we need to do our jobs. Not to mention the tried and true approach of simply asking our managers or colleagues specific questions we may have.

But what if we could effectively integrate all these elements together? Here are the three great outcomes we could expect:


1. Have ready access to the laser focused content that answers our question at the moment of need.


Call it the “Do my job” content; the Power points, Pdfs, Word docs, videos and even emails or Slack messages that are used and passed around within teams to do their jobs. How do we make every document in our content silos findable? AI driven curation and search technologies are making it simple to find both the latest, best and right version of a document, all based on search algorithms that know what the document is about. This frees training departments and teams themselves from trying to manual curation and search. If team members could find the answers to their questions by directly and instantly querying it, suddenly job role training times would be greatly reduced and the practice of “shadowing” more experienced employees. Also reducing the need to ask your manager or colleague.


2. If the “Do my job” content above was readily available and findable, training teams could focus on building long form content to set the tone and inspire everyone. Not just focus on compliance related materials.


Many of us in the learning field have collectively worked with an assortment of LMSs (Learning Management Systems) as well as authoring tools to create training for them. These tools have certainly gotten a lot easier and faster for building on-demand learning and courses as well as administering and sharing. But from the January 2018 ATD article “How long to develop one hour of training? Updated for 2017” it indicates learning professionals typically take between 42 to 130 hours for the training team to produce only one hour of training. This makes it difficult for most training departments to build enough content to meet the needs of everyone in the organization. So instead of trying to build training for all seasons, building some key “TED” talk like courses and then if they could be dovetailed in a curriculum with all the other “Do my job” pdfs, Power points, documents, videos and other workforce generated content the training team wouldn’t have to chase so many mice and only focus on big training elephants. Time could be focused on developing longer form materials which both inspire and align team members to the ways that the subject matter expert envisions.


3. If we could integrate and track the large volumes of “Do my job” content in our LMS, the reporting power of the LMS would help the training team quickly be inspired on the next course they should build.


If we could take all that now findable “Do my job” content and track its usage, activity and put that in the LMS, we could use the analytics power of the LMS to track ALL our content. This means quickly seeing which content received the most views, had the most time spent viewing as opposed to only receiving a quick glance. Then we could use that data to help align into curricula a combination of long form on demand courses with the most popular “do my job” content.

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