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On-Demand Webinar: Kickstarting a successful diversity training program at Macy's

By the Feathercap team
6 minute read

Over the past 15 years, Macy’s has focused on driving top and bottom line revenue impact through analysis, operational insights, and strategic initiatives. Being the longest-running vendor accelerator program, The Workshop at Macy’s sought to provide more education to diverse and women-owned vendors in the beginning stages of their development through the use of high-impact electronic tools. By working with LightSpeedEdu and Feathercap, the Workshop at Macy’s has been able to set the stage for the next level of sustained growth for underrepresented retail businesses through a virtual learning experience.

This webinar will be a fireside chat with Sherieka Smallwood-Morgan, Director, Retail Diversity Strategy, to discuss her experience and success with this innovative approach to sustaining diverse and women-owned enterprises, and the communities we operate.

Intended Audience:

Supplier Diversity Professionals

L&D Professionals  

Watch this webinar to learn how Macy’s expanded this strategic program by bringing in LightspeedEDU for producing cutting edge elearning content and Feathercap to host and drive engagement for all Macy’s diverse suppliers. Learn how:

How did Macy’s achieve success by moving supplier training online?

What was learned along the way?

What were the challenges and how were they overcome?

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