The case for self-directed learning in the workplace

By the Feathercap team
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We’ve all been through training sessions, instructor-led courses and training manuals during the first few days of a job or project to equip ourselves with the knowledge to tackle the task at hand. For the lucky few who have access to this information, this is great. But what about a couple of weeks down the line when we want to build on what we have learnt to either satisfy our curiosity or discover better ways to do our work? We do not want our learning to remain stagnant. At these critical moments in our careers, instructor-led training no longer satisfies our thirst for knowledge. We want to be empowered to take control of our knowledge growth.

In today’s race towards self-improvement and peak performance, we need to be learning continuously in a self-directed manner to cope with the sheer enormity of information available at our disposal. 

As many studies have suggested, self-directed learning has the following benefits:

Satiates our innate human curiosity.

We become better at problem solving.

Learning is more focused.

Provides a feeling of self-empowerment.

Enables us to discover new connections/approaches which would not have been possible through instructor-led training.

Better grasping capacity because the concepts learned tend to be applied on a practical basis immediately vs a long form course for which practical application tends to happen days or weeks later.

Through self-directed learning, learners tend to learn new concepts. This fosters an environment of experimentation.

Beneficial to users who have unique learning needs in terms of their grasping capacity/attention span of new content.

Since there are no deadlines/due dates as in the case of instructor-led courses, users can spend as much time as they need to learn what they desire.

While we at Feathercap believe that instructor-led training is necessary to impart skills and knowledge at the onset, there are junctures in the learning journey where users have to take control of their own knowledge discovery and skill growth in order to drive their own aspiration towards self-improvement. This is why Feathercap addresses both sides of the coin by providing instructor-led training solutions as well as a self-driven training solution to allow learners to carve their own path towards knowledge growth. Feathercap’s goal is to empower users with solutions to find the right answer to their questions instantaneously and satiate their thirst for knowledge. 

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