Helping students after Covid

By the Feathercap team
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As tough as Covid-19 has been to bear for the world, a serious side effect is the toll remote learning has had on the millions of K-12 and half-million college students who were barred from classes. The lack of personnel contact, not being able to freely socialize with their friends and how important personalized mentoring and tutors are became even more clear. In spite of us all becoming sick of Zoom calls, one shining light over the past year was the positive effect of personalized Zoom tutoring and mentoring for those lucky enough to have access. Now as students go back to school we think this experience shows how valuable having truly affordable ways to provide any-time access to credentialed tutors, subject experts and direct answers to their questions will help students catch-up and thrive.

Some great resources…

Free resources for students such as Khan Academy are great as a content source and long form courses to foster learning. They have expanded from STEM subjects to the entire K-12 subject curricula. But the pandemic immediately showed us that driving relevance, personal contact and simply getting the right answers was hugely important at the right moment to foster curiosity and excitement.

A great example of innovating on personalized learning and mentoring comes from Juni Learning. The founders drew from their own experience of struggling with difficult subjects and the success they personally gained from their school’s existing teaching assistants and mentors. Juni Learning combines on demand courses on english, mathematics and computer science with personalized tutoring and follow-up for a monthly subscription.

Upchieve.org takes personal mentoring of 8 – 18 year olds extremely seriously as well. They offer credentialed teaching volunteers who act as online tutors to students needing help on any of their studies. Remarkably, this is absolutely free to students. 

So we became inspired last year. 

All of the above inspired us to do something as well. At Feathercap, we are giving school districts a screaming deal on our enterprise learning system. Automated personalized answers and content to students. Because today’s Future of work / enterprise learning platforms are designed to integrate with everything students now use.The same holds true for our learning platform, Feathercap. We can deploy in minutes, tie into any video conferencing or other resource (Microsoft Teams, Slack, Zoom, etc) we can turn these great tools designed for individual employee development almost immediately and at scale. We’ve also built these systems for adults to find easy to use as TikTokInstagram or Youtube which students and other digital natives find trivial to use. But to be effective, this can’t be our enterprise pricing with a slight discount. From the school districts we’ve been in contact with, they have indicated that this has to be multiples cheaper from normal volume enterprise pricing to be affordable for them. Over the past year, we are in various pilot programs and offering our platform many times cheaper than our normal enterprise pricing.

Besides us, we look forward to seeing more companies like the above highlighted jump into empowering students. Please feel free to reach out to us if we can help your school district or college.

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