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Problem: It takes too long to find content with answers. For employees, vendors, partners and customers the knowledge bottleneck is getting worse. 

We’ve long known that employees need the right answers to be confident and successful in their jobs. As well as vendors, partners and customers to understand your processes, products and services. After completing their initial on-boarding training, the vast majority who have job questions ask their peers or manager. But rarely do employees have multiple knowledgable job peers or a boss with enough time to answer their questions. Vendors, partners and customers certainly NEVER have enough access to those who have the answers they need. We’ve used tier 0 content repositories and tier 1 programmed bots and/or low paid and low skilled support personnel. Even if the right document or video is found, it takes too much time to find the answer to your original question! None of these groups today have the benefit from automating their actions for HR, job, operations or product and service requests that they can securely and easily set in motion.

Don’t existing learning and knowledge technologies help?

Traditional learning systems or learning management systems (LMSs) are great at delivering a crafted curriculum of on-demand content and vILT/ ILT (Instructor Led Training) at the beginning of an employee’s job tenure, for up-skilling and setting a cultural mindset for employees, vendors, partners and even customers anytime. All content is crafted regardless of size to be consumed as a whole; varying from 5 minutes of micro learning to multi-hour on-demand courses or virtual instructor led sessions. Examples of these are offered by Docebo and Cornerstone-On-Demand and Skilljar.

Learning experience platforms (LXPs) which focus on delivering the right learning and other content to employees as a learning path are great at letting employees get credit and earn credentials for learning any number of skills. The most advanced also help companies develop a talent marketplace and capability academies to drive and know who based on newly acquired training credentials and capabilities are ready to move to another role. Great examples are Degreed with their acquisition of Learnin and now Cornerstone-On-Demand from their acquisition of Edcast.

Problem: Most employees with questions ask their boss and peers first, vendors, partners and customers just ask their sales or customer success contact…Lastly or not at all to the learning system or existing content repository…

According to a study conducted by Degreed back in 2016:

Percent of employees who ask job questions, they first ask:
69% ask bosses or mentors.
55% ask peers or co-workers
28% to their company LMS/ LXP

The above isn’t a surprise for LMSs/ LXPs, since they’re not designed to give “answers”. They’re designed to deliver whole courses and content based on set events and direct employees to a specific document or course  when asked as designed by the learning team. They mostly house on-demand courses and prepared content. Rarely all the job and “how to” documents, videos or SOPs (standard operating procedures) employees need, partners, vendors and customers need.

The existing vendors are expensive and require a lot of effort to setup. A massive renovation of their platforms may be required. 

Knowledge management and enterprise chatbots as offered by Microsoft, Google, CoveoServiceNow and Moveworks have come a long way in understanding the relationship of content to all other content as well as performing actions for users. They have all traditionally relied on cognitive search as well as hard coding of actions and content for users, they traditionally focus on by automatically indexing and curating all of an organization’s content and the collective experience of this content by all employees, vendors and customers to empower searches for accuracy. These vendors have recently adopted ChatGPT like search which shows exciting promise for them towards a custom generated response to any query. These solutions to date, are still priced as though they require a great deal of deployment time, effort and in some cases, charging “ingestion” startup costs to bring in company content and understand it. To compete with next generation digital experts, they will need to renovate their platforms to be less costly, time consuming and require less hand holding of customers to make generative AI work out of the box as well as effectively enable user actions and to track every interaction so they can remember what was said earlier in the conversation from today or last month for every person. 

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Upcoming ChatGPT powered digital experts are the most cost effective way to deliver knowledge and answers.

What’s needed is a one-on-one digital expert that automatically generates and tailors employee, partner, vendor or customer conversations and responses based on your company’s existing content along with everyone’s history and goals. By design, they should work out of the box working with their own people tracking to foster a relationship as a “trusted friend” who has every user’s good experience in mind. 

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Feathercap is your team’s answer platform. We leverage ChatGPT and our own context tracking to automatically generate and tailor the right answers and responses to every employee, vendor, partner or customer query. Current customer support, customer success and enterprise search relies on hardcoded workflows and content links to answer questions. Our customers tell us we save them time, money and energy managing their flow of knowledge and actions by getting everyone answers that they need.  

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