Why Generative AI will transform your employees, vendors and customers

By the Feathercap team
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Generative AI such as from OpenAI’s ChatGPT or Google Bard have been available only since November 2022 but they are already showing how transformative generative AI can be for every employee, partner and customer; tailor generating right answers, tutorials and step by step instructions to them at the moment of need. Sal Khan of Khan Academy  in his recent Ted Talk believes ChatGPT/ generative AI will transform learning for everyone around the world. Similarly, we believe companies that adopt generative AI powered tutoring systems will see an acceleration of everyone’s capabilities and more success in their roles compared to existing established learning systems and search. How can we say this? By knowing for almost 40 years the power of one-on-one tutoring for people to learn, excel and become more capable. ChatGPT and other emerging generative AI approaches combined with extensive user tracking becomes an effective one-on-one tutoring or digital coach solution.

60% more people gain mastery using one-on-one tutoring vs. static content. 

Back In 1984 Educational Psychologist Benjamin Bloom posed a challenge right in the title of his research. “The 2 Sigma Problem: The Search for Methods of Group Instruction as Effective as One-to-One Tutoring”. He contended that one-on-one tutoring produces two standard deviations – 2 sigma – of improvement to students learning a given subject versus those in a classroom. That means if the students got a “C” previously while in a classroom setting they would get an “A” after learning the same subject from a one-on-one coaching approach. Where Bloom defined a “classroom” akin to a group of learners all receiving the same content, in the same order and timeframe. His definition is like our existing learning systems which feature on demand courses we have all experienced. Put another way, the conventional course or static on demand experience we’ve known achieves on average 20% of the entire learner audience attaining highest achievement of the presented material. Contrast this with Bloom’s 2 sigma improvement through one-on-one tutoring, enabling 80% of the entire learner audience achieving the equivalent “A” or highest achievement. A one-on-one tutoring approach yields 60% more people achieving mastery over existing static learning content.

AI powered digital experts replicate one-on-one tutoring… but without the human tutors.

What Bloom didn’t know is how relevant his work would be almost 40 years later in predicting how effective digital expert technology could be on  replicating his 2 sigma improvement. Today, digital one-on-one tutoring systems using generative AI such as Khan Academy’s Khanmigo and our own Feathercap Coach tailor people’s conversations and responses based on an existing organization’s content, videos, SOPs, documents and learning along with each person’s history and goals.

Retaining context is everything

What really makes generative AI conversational learning systems useful is having a context history; a memory of every conversation, every question, answer, response and content viewed to develop a long term running context history for everyone. Remembering what was said earlier in the conversation from the last minute to the last month. This helps make digital experts more like speaking with a smart friend who always remembers what you talked about in the past. And getting better and clearer speaking with you the more conversations you have.

I don’t want to see more content…I want THE right answer to MY question! 

Search without generative AI gives more content. What really makes ChatGPT and other generative AI approaches so useful when people search them is that they generate the exact answer as understood by all the content being searched. Existing advanced search tools not using generative AI like Google does it’s best to give an answer but usually requires inspection of the retrieved snippets of documents in the search results. You end up scanning the resulting content until you can piece together your answer.

Teams can stop managing content and just have what everyone needs to do their job or buy your products. 

In our previous post, “How ChatGPT can solve the 3 biggest enterprise learning challenges” we talk about how the above technologies will enhance the capabilities of so many organizations around the world. People can stop managing, organizing and searching endlessly for the right answers to do their jobs or to buy your products, they can simply let the ChatGPT digital one0on-one tutor take care of it. We see these as a huge enhancement to the personal learning and job experience for everyone. Which of course is not a new idea, at least according to Benjamin Bloom.

About Feathercap 

Feathercap is your team’s answer platform. We leverage generative AI and our own context tracking to automatically generate and tailor the right answers and responses to every employee, vendor, partner or customer query. Current customer support and search approaches rely on hardcoded workflows and content links to answer questions. Our customers tell us we save them time, money and energy managing their flow of knowledge and getting everyone answers to their questions. 

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