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Equip every worker with their own GenAI co-pilot to turn your below average workers into above-average performers.

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Operational leaders can now bring the power of one-to-one coaching to every worker at scale

Research shows that 60% more employees gain job mastery with personal coaching than conventional courses and learning.

Traditional methods like shadow training or asking store manager to train are not always available, scalable or cost effective. Feathercap Coach drives better knowledge retention that positively impacts job performance so every frontline worker knows how to do their job.

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Tailored responses to on-the-job questions in seconds

Frontline workers can ask Feathercap Coach any job-related question through WhatsApp or via a web application and get an accurate, conversational answer in seconds.

A safe space to ask

Every employee appreciates a safe space to ask questions about their job. Feathercap Coach gives them a judgement-free space to freely ask questions, get the right answers and boost their confidence.

Multiple languages? No problem.

Feathercap Coach can handle most of the popular languages. Your training content or SOPs can be in one language and your workers can ask in another language. Feathercap will translate on the fly!


What our clients say

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"Feathercap lets us maintain consistency and uniformity in onboarding and training all of our employeess around the world. We now can instantly see any skills gap with a way to easily fill them"

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Alojz Kiseli

VP Operations, Zift Solutions, Inc.
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“We find the Feathercap platform outstanding. Above all else, the level of service has been outstanding.”

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Hunter Wylie

VP of Operations, The old spaghetti factory, canada ltd.
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"Feathercap has been a pleasure to work with, from the customer service to the ease of setting up our content. We look forward to continue working withFeathercap in the future!"

Charles Oxley

Director of Marketing strategy, PSE

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Save time and money training your frontline workers
Reduce lost revenue due to employee error
Improve the customer experience with better service
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