Answer Platform

An AI learning platform that stores and serves all course content and interactions in one secure place

A secure answer platform designed for employee training

Feathercap Answer Platform combines generative AI, cognitive search and secure user tracking to automatically generate and tailor the right answer for every frontline worker. All based on only on your company's existing content and employee profiles.

Add employees and curate content in minutes

Quickly ingests, curates, and indexes your course content - videos, pdfs, presentations, etc. directly from your content management systems (Gdrive, Teams, Dropbox, etc.) or LMS, and employee profiles from your HR systems - to be ready to respond to employees' questions in minutes.

Easily add and remove employees in a batch mode or on-demand.

Every answer is catered to the employee

The platform features a proprietary user graph that recognizes each employee, their job history, and experience to bring the most relevant context to the conversation.

Measure engagement and adoption

The platform tracks every question asked, course taken, or video viewed, including the time spent by region, store, department, and employees so operation leaders can measure the efficacy of their training programs.  

Just in time video

Shoot a video right from your phone that’s immediately available to your team. Matched to Feathercap Coach, all speech and descriptions are automatically indexed. Your team will appreciate your just in time video while also being instantly directed to the right answer.

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Save time and money training your frontline workers
Reduce lost revenue due to employee error
Improve the customer experience with better service
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